Monday, March 14, 2011

a bit of sunshine

I love it when my sister calls me with "Trip/Nate/Luke Stories".
They are so hilarious and brighten my day.
This morning's edition was a link to our childhood together...
whenever I would be "acting the fool" as the little sister, Kelley would quote Ramona Quimby's dad,
"First time Funny.
Second time Silly
Third time annoying."
Well this morning as Trip and Nate were brushing their teeth,
Kelley overheard Trip tell Nate (who was singing and jumping around)
"Nate,First time Funny. "
Second time Silly
Third time annoying
and you've done that 4 times already.
I love these kids!
Some of my other favorite Twardowski-isms are:
"I was just punching him a little bit"

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