Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Fav Oscar Picks

These are just a few of my favorite movies this year
and I would be tickled pink if all of them got an academy award!
Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush were fabu in this film. 
It made me sincerely interested in the history. 
I think this is Colin Firth's year to take home the Best Actor statue. 

This was a tear jigger and def. my favorite Toy Story movie so far.
It made me think of my nephews growing up and I had to hold back the waterworks.

Mr. Bridges is a true gentleman and holds his own in this great movie!
I honestly didn't want to see it all but went as a favor to my husband.
And boy was I glad that I did!
Despite their total lack of conjunctions, I did enjoy this movie

This was such a cool idea and even though it was a little difficult for me to
follow the dizzying intellect and curve balls of the movie...I really did enjoy this flick.
Who do you think will take home an Oscar?

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